Slack Spaces, Desksurfer, and

This has been a quiet few days on my blog which usually means that a lot of stuff has been going on.

Had a number of interesting meetings and developments, but here’s the three that stick out:

Slack Spaces meeting with Dougald and Tim –

slack space is a movement to put projects into empty buildings (and have everybody happy about it).

to make better use of the space in the city and make it more conducive to starting projects.

The meeting was well attended by all involved *stakeholders* (don’t you just love that word) – local government, Arts Council, artists, Social Media and digital arts people, contractors involved in getting arts into spaces. Reports on resulting developments will no doubt be following.

Dougald and I met with Tony Sephton who has developed this idea for a number of years. It slots in with new, flexible ways of (co/net)working, new media, and the fact that there is a lot of slack space/time around in a number of offices/cafes/houses/etc in town. Lots of people have been out of work and appreciate the added focus a proper office environment gives… I know I do 🙂

We recorded video of Dougald and Tony talking about it. Here is Dougald’s post about it.

Akvo Foundation – Akvo means Water in Esperanto, don’t you know! – is an open source provider of solutions for water and sanitation. They have worked out systems that allow Funders to get first hand reports of where their money goes by using a whole new field reporting system, amongst other things. Great bunch of people, wonderful possibilities, and we’ve been talking about how we can work together on campaigning for their activities using Social Media.

I’m pretty happy with that 🙂


4 responses to “Slack Spaces, Desksurfer, and

  1. Hi Anke,

    Love the idea of Slack Spaces 😀

    Is there a place I can find out more about the initiative / notes from the meeting / when the next one is?


    • Excellent question. There’s more on Dougald’s blog, he’s just had a follow-up meeting in Canterbury today, and we’re also working on getting more information about the results from this meeting into the public domain. I’ll post updates as I get them as well.

      • Thanks, Anke.

        I found the Space Makers network through Dougald’s site, so will join that and hopefully be kept updated that way.

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