Datacenter Management Software for sustainable ICT anyone?

So I’m not that much of a geek but I can tell that a big datacenter, running 24/7, has a huge carbon footprint.

There’s this company called GDCM who do Datacenter Management, a software which does just what it says on the tin. I think it’s brilliant.

EU commissioner Paolo Bertoldi talks thus: “The growth of carbon emissions by data centers will increase by three times, and Western European total electricity use will reach 104TWh by 2020,” said Bertoldi. “We will reach a tipping point in supply. The policy is to allow energy cost to rise and therefore data centers will represent an increasing proportion of overall business cost.

This bit of software doesn’t have a lot of competition and creates a much more efficient datacenter. Lots of companies are genuinely looking at becoming more environmentally friendly – here’s a way that does that AND saves money.

Linky Link about the European Union Code of Conduct for Data Center Efficiency

The UK government as well has plans to be carbon-neutral.
Linky Link about Sustainable ICT Transformation Roadmaps (pdf) – (so this is how Cap Gemini makes their money)

I personally think it’d be a good idea to get companies that have the big datacenters, starting from BT, to have a chat with them and to use their products. What do you think? Shall we put them in touch? Who do you know?


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