Eliminate the middleman. Speak for yourself!

The way we communicate with the world is changing. Technology has made it possible for everyone to make their voices heard. Blogs are easier than ever to set up and, via social networking, easier than ever to publicise.

If businesses can hire the brightest minds and make use of social networking for increased profits, then it is important that the members of the Third Sector, who have been working hard on creating real value and positive change in the community, are an active part of this development as well. Conscious Communications offers advice on implementing new technologies in your communications strategy, both internally and externally.

Because, if we can get the authentic news “straight from the horse’s mouth”, neither you nor we need PR people to speak for you.

What are the obstacles to you starting a blog and getting on twitter? Do you consider it self-indulgent? Do you worry about not being able to deal with the technical bits? Do you worry about the time you have to invest, or the information overload? These are the questions we’ll be dealing with on our pages. We link to other good sites full with information around these issues, we help you pick a good consultant if you do choose to hire one, and we also offer regular online training courses.

Social Networking is only as good as the people you network with. Please join the conversation and share some real values.


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