Contracting to true consultancy – Another brilliant workshop by Gary Sage

Some quick notes at the end of the voyage of discovery that was today’s workshop by Gary Sage

Gary runs these workshops for free right now, because, in his own words, he feels that “Social media allows to collaborate in ways that were impossible 12 months ago” and he wants to empower as many as possible of us to step up our game and change the world.

We are not worthy!! 😀

Gary, besides his 30-year experience in consulting, is also great at explaining the more esoteric background to the usual techniques used in consulting. He has a history of taking people with a learning difficulty into a successful work life, and he understands issues that can create all sorts of pitfalls. Right now I don’t know if I will put any of these skills into action, it needs to settle a bit, but I feel great just knowing there is somebody with this background who wants to change the world, and being present at these classes.

The next workshop is in less than two weeks. We have work to do.


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