Camping weekend? Hah.

It was the bank holiday weekend. I’ve been camping somewhere near Coalville in Leicestershire (the wild north where the men are still men etc). I lasted exactly one night in a tent and chickened out. But as a result from this weekend’s fun and games, we have 1. me with a shiny new self-hosted wordpress playground (temporary link), thanks WoodE; 2. a potential partner (software company who do a lot of business in the Third Sector), 3. a prospective online course development guy, and 4. a guinea pig for the online courses we are building – the ideal person really who’s been working on a very relevant project for a number of years, but who has never been shouting about it. Somebody who’ll just really benefit from being able to use Social Media to circumvent the need for PR people who never really get it anyways.

While talking to him just now, I realised how my idea to train people on Social Media tools has evolved from my previous plans to build a niche digital PR company as a social enterprise. PR is all good but isn’t it much better to show people how easy it is to talk for themselves, and be heard?

Of course we also have a whole bunch of very embarrassing party pictures. Who’d have thunked that you can just go into Coalville and find a whole dance floor alien outfit within a few minutes.


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