Viral Campaign Ideas for the OCHS

Shaunaka Rishi, the ever brilliant Director of the OCHS (Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies – see below post) envisages a fun viral about the running Prof Gavin “Flash” Flood. Being the Academic Director of the OCHS and an Oxford Professor, Prof Flood IS a serious man who is seriously opening himself up for ridicule in the name of charity – and nice as he is, Shaunaka will milk that opportunity for all he can.

So. He is asking for us to come up with a quick fun animation for people to send on, so we can MAKE SOME MONEY and raise awareness for the Centre, who, by their own admission, have been so “focused on creating a wonderful academic program for its students and the wider community” that they’ve forgotten to talk about how much they’ve achieved.

Help us get them the recognition they deserve by passing on this message to your friends and aquaintances who might be able to assist in any way – don’t forget to tell them it’s all about the MONEY we can raise but also about the fun we can have while doing it – because it’s not the result but the devotion to our work that matters, according to the Bhagavad-Gita. That’s what I’ve gathered while working here anyways!

By the way the official Marathon page of the OCHS is HERE

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