Social Media History timeline

Many small organisations – and big ones – are being flooded by a variety of consultants offering their expertise to add value on a number of issues. Social Media is no exception.

Some initial research into this field has left me worried about the gap between the slogans bandied about by experienced agency sales people and the actual skill levels, lengths of experience, and track records on offer. Horror stories abound of organizations having been advised to create profiles on Orkut, a social networking site only popular in Brazil. However, once engaged, a consultant’s word is often gospel.

So, in order for your organisation not to waste time and resouces on badly advised Social Media strategies, I’m working on a very simple questionnaire you should to ask before engaging anyone.

Finally, if you’re interested in a bit of background info and want to know why you are asking these questions, I’m also writing a short history of Social Media with the following outline:

Before the internet ā€“ the BBS 1991
the Internet – chat rooms 1994
ICQ/ICQ voice chat 1996
IRC Chatrooms and the Palace 1999
Emergence of online communities ā€“ from global to local 2001
MSN Messenger takes over from ICQ 2003
Business networks 2004
Facebook 2006
The Twitter explosion 2008


2 responses to “Social Media History timeline

  1. Thank you! What a useful list of questions. Simple yet salutory.

    Yes, you are right. People are indeed setting themselves up as experts left-right-and-centre but do they really have the expertise? Asking these questions will help sort the wheat from the chaff…

    Can you explain more about the icq number without giving any trade secrets away?

  2. I’ve been hooked on social media for over 15 years but it changes very fast- and it all feels new to me! Also I think quality are more important than dates and numbers.

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